How to Create a Related Posts Carousel In Squarespace

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Adding a related posts summary carousel to your blog posts is a great way to up the production value and functionality of your blog. Making it quick and easy for readers to find more information on the topic they are interested in is an effective way to make sure they will stay on your website.

Not only does it make your posts look very professional, but readers will be thankful for the easy navigation to more of your content. Best of all, it is really easy to set up!

Related Posts - Pinterest Image

Step 1: Add a Carousel Summary Block to Your Post

Go to the blog post you want to add the carousel to and insert a Carousel Summary Block.

add carousel summary block

Step 2: Select Blog Content

 In the content tab, select Blog as the summary content.

choose content

Step 3: Edit the Layout of the Summary Block

In the Layout tab, change the header text to Related posts (or whatever you want the header text to say). Use this tab to change any other layout options. Personally I use a 2:3 Standard (Vertical) aspect ratio for my thumbnails and I show 3 items per row.

layout tab

Step 4: Choose what displays in the Summary Block

On the Display tab, I change the number of items to 9 (it can be any multiple of the number of items per row. I display 3 items per row, so I chose 9). Show only the Title and Thumbnail.

Choose what meta data you want to display, (I recommend setting both to none).

choose how content dsplays

Step 5: Determine the Related Articles That Display

Put the category name of the posts that you want to display in the carousel and they should automatically populate.

You should be using categories and tags on all of your posts – it not only helps with SEO by telling search engines what your articles are about, but it also helps with your internal linking of related content.

category filters

then Apply your changes! You will need to do this for every article. I highly recommend using a blog template for your posts, it will make your life so much easier.

But what if I already have a bunch of blog posts?

Manually adding a summary carousel may not be worth your time if you have more than 25 posts.

Luckily, Omari Harebin over at has created an awesome Related Posts Plugin for Squarespace that automatically adds related posts to all of your blog posts based on the tags and categories the post is tagged with.

I use it on my site and am loving it! It will save you a ton of time in the long run. I highly recommend you check it out!