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Custom CSS


Custom CSS

Learn the fundamentals of custom CSS in this training and start creating more custom Squarespace websites.


Mobile Responsive Design

Does your site look great on desktop and like crap on tablet and mobile? Learn to control your content on all screen sizes.


Brine Template Structure

Learn the structure of the Brine template to better understand how to target elements within the html and write better CSS.


Writing Cleaner CSS

Learn to target multiple elements and limit styling to specific pages of your websites for cleaner CSS.


Squarespace Basics


Editing Site Styles

Learn to change the colors, fonts, and layout of your site in this in-depth walk through of the site styles panel.


Uploading Content

Learn how to upload content to your website including proper image dimensions and photo compression


Adding Pages and Galleries

Learn about the different types of pages and galleries and how to move them around your navigation.


Squarespace SEO

Learn how to make your Squarespace website SEO friendly so that you can rank higher and reach more people.

Training Packages


One-On-One Training



In depth one-on-one video call via Zoom that is fully tailored to your needs. Great for those with specific questions that need personalized help.

  • Personalized Instructions in a 1:1 format

  • Private training ensures more information is covered and retained

  • Lots of time to answer specific questions about your website.

Group Training



Group video call via Google Hangouts that can cover any of the topics above based on the needs of the group. Great for those looking to increase their general knowledge at an affordable cost.

  • Training delivered in a group format

  • Learn alongside 5 like-minded Squarespace Web designers

  • High value training at an affordable price